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Version 0.9.7 now live -- 3.3 compliant at last!

Just pushed a very large update after some productive holiday time off. Changelog items of note follow:

- While ideally this won't be noticeable, it's worth mentioning that the backend lexer/parser/interpreter powering this site was completely re-factored and in many places re-written. It is now faster, cleaner, and in a much better state for adding the next features I have in mind.

- Prior to this update, key units in macros were not always being correctly handled in targeting commands (see this reference to understand what a key unit is). This has been fixed, tested against live, and barring bugs should be correct going forward.

- Added support for many more slash commands used in macros.

- Added new 3.3 conditionals (vehicleui, unithasvehicleui).

- Added support for new 3.3 targeting in conditionals, i.e. target=focus can now be indicated by @focus. Both styles of targeting still work on live and are supported, but I like how many characters the @ syntax saves.

Coming next in the near term:

- Update my item/spell parameter data with the new 3.3 items and abilities.

- Support for longer macros for those using addons.

- Looking at changing over my tooltip data from wowhead to mmo-champion. I've been playing with mmo-champion's new REST API, and it is very nice!

Coming next in the longer term:

- Brand new UI is in the works.

- Search/Browse by tag/class.

- Commenting and voting.

Thanks for reading, and happy New Year!

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