Fitzcairn's Macro Explain-o-maticBETA

Version 0.9.6 (Beta)

Pushing out several fixes I've been iterating on recently. Notable changes:

- Added support for /r, /reply, /t, /tell

- Rewrote how all emotes are handled so that if you specify a target the correct targeted emote will be shown. For example, /wave Fitzcairn used to result in 'Emote "You beckon everyone over to you.", or "You wave at (Target)."'. A better result (and what is now returned) would be 'Emote "You wave at Fitzcairn.".'

- Rewrote how insecure commands were handled in general to account for those that take targets. For example, /tell requires a target to work right. Added error correction for this. (Example, try "/tell []")

- Rewrote how %t is interpreted in emote/chat commands, and added errors where it does not translate correctly to mirror in-game behavior. (For example, try "/tell %t Hi")

- Updated WoW client version

- Fixed some small UI issues.

Next up on the project roadmap (in no order):

- Even more improvements to data quality for spells (still iterating on this)

- Lua support

- Browse macros by class/tags!

- Macro search. I'd really like to add searching for macros by tag, or even by spell/item.

So, give it a whirl. Your feedback, ideas, etc is always appreciated, and yes I do read (and often reply to) all comments. Many thanks!


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