Fitzcairn's Macro Explain-o-maticBETA

Version 0.9.0 (Beta) Released

Enough of this tool is complete to where I am ready to solicit feedback from users. Finally!

Above all, I would absolutely love usability feedback. Are the interpretations useful? Are the error messages clear? Is the UI easy to use? What can be done better in general? Post your thoughts!

With regards to the nuts and bolts, the front end DHTML has been tested and verified as functional on the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 6 (Win32)
Internet Explorer 7 (Win32)
Firefox 3 (Win32, Linux, OSX)
Opera 9 (Win32)
Safari 4 (Win32, OSX)
Chrome (Win32)

If you find a bug in the javascript/css, please let me know what browser and OS you are running.

With regards to the interpreter, aside from unit tests I have repeatedly torture-tested it on a very large set (~2.5k commands) of macros scraped from the web. So, have a really complicated beast of a macro that you would never use but think the Explain-o-matic might choke on? Bring it on. The more things break now, the less they will later. In theory, anyways.

I still have several cosmetic to-dos remaining before I start asking more broadly for users. Regardless, if you find something off please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Many thanks!

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