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Another Small Patch: Encoding + Search Fixes

Saw a few errors recently where folks with non-ASCII characters in the author name could have problems viewing their saved macros. Example:

As the above link demonstrates, this issue has been fixed. I apologize to NĂ©to of Kult der Verdammten for screwing it up.

I also updated the search client-side functionality to do a better job of correcting for errant spaces, preventing useless blank searches, and generally suck less for the user.

Please don't hesitate to post if you run into any issues. It's been a lot of fun seeing people try the tool out. Thanks!

Blogger James said...

Is there anyway to recall particular macros you 'saved' without searching for them using the tag(s) you saved it to?

April 19, 2010 at 10:25 PM  

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