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Version 0.9.8 - Mmo-Champion Item/Spell Data

. . . and many other fixes! However, the biggest change to note is that I've introduced mmo-champion as a data source for macro parameters. They have a wonderful REST API for both spell and item queries, returning reasonably formed XML or JSON strings. When this lookup fails, the interpreter defaults back to the previous data provided by The result is much more accurate interpretations for the user with regards to things like GCD eligibility, targeting, etc. It's not perfect, but it has come a loooong way since the first version of the macro interpreter.

Also in this revision:

- Fixed how empty parameters are handled in /castsequence macros. One common pattern to tie several actions together in the same macro is to use /castsequence with no parameters in some slots. For example:

/castsequence [nomod]reset=30 Metamorphosis,Immolation Aura
/castsequence reset=combat ,,Potion of Wild Magic

The empty ",," parameters should now be handled correctly.

- Added better error logging and user experience on exceptions. Apologies for anyone who got a nice fat stack trace when something screwed up.

...And other various fixes. Please give it a go, and bug reports welcome. Thanks,


P.S. I am working on version 1.0. It is coming soon, with all the features this site should have had a long time ago. Like, say, search.
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