Fitzcairn's Macro Explain-o-maticBETA

Updates: Bugfixes, FOCUS/SELFCAST, Macro Optimization

Updates made courtesy of feedback:

- Fix for the /tar [nodead] XXX bug that I saw logged.

Sorry about that. :/

- Fix for incorrect targeting when using FOCUSCAST and/or SELFCAST in macros.

I was unaware that using these keys in modifiers not only checks if they are down, but also changes the target of the macro. For example:

/cast [mod:FOCUSCAST] Spell

Will check for the FOCUSCAST key (which you can set in your UI options), but also cast Spell on your FOCUS target, not your main target (although strangely enough, only if your regular target also exists). Similar behavior is shown for SELFCAST.

Also worth noting: if you specify a target in the condition, i.e.:

/cast [@focus, mod:SELFCAST] Spell

The @focus overrides the modifier target, which results in Spell targeting your focus target.

I was unaware of how these worked until I asked the UI forums for feedback; they should now be interpreted correctly.

- Major improvements in macro optimization with regards to characters.

The engine now attempts to detect repeated option arguments, options, and conditions. Several new warnings have been added to help users optimize their macros for character usage.

Please report bugs if you find them. Thanks!

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